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5.16.728.0 November 18, 2014

Current TOP Server Release Notes

Latest TOP Server™ News

TOP Server Version 5.16 R2 Released - Maintenance release that resolves issues with Application Report utility, Opto 22 Ethernet and UCON drivers, as well as the Advanced Tags plug-in. More

TOP Server Version 5.16 Released - New IEC 60870-5 Suite includes IEC 60870-5-101 Serial driver and IEC 60870-5-104 Ethernet driver, vertical industry bundle for Power/Utilities updated to include IEC 60870-5 Suite, new Local Historian plug-in for simple localized historical buffering accessible through a new OPC HDA server interface More

TOP Server Version 5.15 R2 Maintenance Release Available - Maintenance update issued to address a DataLogger plug-in issue introduced in TOP Server V5.15.585.0, as well as fixes for Beckhoff TwinCAT, OPC UA and DA Client drivers and Fisher ROC drivers. More

TOP Server Version 5.15 Released - Updated Omron Suite includes new Omron NJ Ethernet driver, BACnet/IP Ethernet driver supports calendar and scheduler objects for controlling scheduling tasks in the device, SNMP support for V3 AES encryption, EFM Suite performance updates and many other driver fixes and enhancements More

TOP Server Version 5.14 R2 Released - Resolves an issue with the Modbus TCP Ethernet driver introduced in V5.14.491.0 involving register block sizes of 1 to 4, or coil block sizes of 8 or 16 when using packed coils (Click for specific details of the issue).

TOP Server Version 5.14 Released - Updated EFM Suite adds EFM liquids support with OMNI Flow, Fisher ROC Plus and EFM Simulator drivers. AB ControlLogix Ethernet driver now configurable CIP Connection Size for controllers supporting Large Open Forward connections, Siemens Ethernet driver adds new S7-1500 device model and automatic tag generation, DataLogger plug-in adds store-and-forward support and many other driver fixes and enhancements More

TOP Server EFM Suite helps reduce operating expenses for wellhead operations - “The Software Toolbox EFM Suite spares the owner or operator of a well from needing to physically check production sites each day, and enables the shifting of resources into other areas of a business,” said Chad Sullivan, director of information technology at Five Star Measurement. Click here for the full story!

TOP Server Version 5.13 Released - Updated EFM Suite adds ODBC Database exporter, AB ControlLogix Slave Ethernet driver now supports connected messaging, Fisher ROC Suite drivers now support user-defined points, new Device Demand Poll mode for all drivers and many other driver fixes and enhancements More

TOP Server Version 5.12 R2 Released - Updated R2 release addresses a licensing issue introduced in TOP Server V5.11 affecting a small number of users which caused issues with the server runtime starting.  This revisions also corrects an issue with the DataLogger plug-in introduced in V5.12.140.0 More

TOP Server Version 5.12 Released - New Security Policies Plug-In (SPP) for greater control over client access permissions, AB Suite adds two new drivers for Allen-Bradley Micro800 serial and Ethernet connectivity. DNP3 Suite updated to support local timestamps in DNP3 slaves.  Fisher ROC Plus updates, and many driver fixes and enhancements. More

TOP Server Version 5.11 Released - Electronic Flow Management (EFM) Suite updated with new EFM Simulator driver and performance enhancements, new driver for IEC 61850 MMS devices. OPC Client Suite updated with new OPC XML-DA Client driver.  ControlLogix Firmware V21 Support updated, GE Ethernet performance enhancements, and many driver fixes and enhancements. More

TOP Server Version 5.10 Released - Electronic Flow Management (EFM) Suite updated with PGAS and CSV formats, new driver for ABB Totalflow Serial. ControlLogix Firmware V21 Support, connection sharing for multiple protocols on the same COM port, and many driver fixes and enhancements. More

TOP Server Version 5.9 Released - Electronic Flow Management (EFM) Suite released, new drivers for Enron Modbus, OMNI Flow Computers and Wellsite Information Transfer Specification (WITS) Level 0. Enhanced protocol and OPC Diagnostics, and many driver fixes and enhancements. More

TOP Server Version 5.8 Released - ControlLogix Slave Ethernet Driver released, Logix Firmware 20 support, enhanced user management, improved communications diagnostics, and many driver fixes and enhancements. More

TOP Server Version 5.7 Released - Weatherford 8500 Serial Driver Phase 2 enhancements, Lufkin Modbus Driver, Bristol/IP Driver, Alstom Redundant Ethernet Driver, many driver fixes and enhancements. More

TOP Server Version 5.6 Released - New Weatherford 8500 Serial Driver, MTConnect Client Driver, Media-Level Redundancy, Scan Mode device enhancements, many driver fixes and enhancements. More

TOP Server Version 5.5 Released - New SNMP Agent Plug-in, enhancements to modem functionality, many driver fixes and enhancements. More

TOP Server Pricing Update Implemented

Effective February 1, 2011, TOP Server driver and driver suite pricing has been increased.  Drivers and driver suites normally priced at $795 will now be priced at $895.  Other driver pricing has also been updated.  Support/maintenance pricing reflects a 20% cost of the corresponding license price.  For full pricing information on specific drivers, please visit the Ordering page.

TOP Server Version 5.4 Released - The new version adds new functionality, and much more.  More

Upgrades from V4: Existing Version 4 users can upgrade and get all V5 upgrades for a year for as little as $395.  Click for Details

Software Toolbox named Wonderware Endorsed Partner - “As one of Kepware’s leading resellers and support providers, customers should benefit immediately from the expertise that the combination of Software Toolbox and Wonderware provides - More

Connected_with_Kepware_MedKepware Endorses Software Toolbox as their “Wonderware Center of Excellence” - Kepware, the world leader in communication software for automation, announces with its long standing partner Software Toolbox, the world leader in 3rd party add-in software for Wonderware products, the expansion of their relationship by naming Software Toolbox as their official "Center of Excellence" for supporting and promoting the use of Kepware OPC technology and native interfaces with Wonderware products - More

OPC CertifiedTOP Server is an OPC Certified Product - TOP Server has passed the OPC Foundation’s rigorous independent test lab certification program. More

Software Toolbox Attends OPC Interoperability Workshop - to insure reliable operation with a wide variety of OPC client applications, TOP Server is regularly tested at OPC Interoperability workshops... More




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